Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pimp it out with fall!

The fall decor has begun... Not wanting to spend tons! ( I am always wondering if my decisions would be different if I had money!  Somehow I think it wouldn't be as fun)?  I checked out the dollar store. Thinking maybe there was a chance of something cute and not cheesy.  I did find the black crows and orange pumpkins.  I am not a fan of artificial home decor, but in the case of being cheap, I went for it!  Steveo didn't approve! ( Who wants a real dead crow anyway...hee,hee)  The white looking pumpkins are actually squash.  I spray painted them white and used black electrical tape to make the zigzag stripes.  The tape was fast, easy and I didn't have to paint!  Black flowers are dried hydrangea spray painted! Easy fall!

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