Wednesday, April 11, 2012

let's talk this space

   looking around the room it's really  quite simple. the designer has chosen to use big statement pieces while keeping them natural in wood form. little hints of color are mere ribbons to the packaging.  what do i love? i am digging the large print of  rope.  i like that the print is black and white, as to not take away from the room. the ceiling with large wood beams seem to bring the eye up and the room appears to become larger, love that trick.  the chairs with yellow accents are the show, love love! the large aqua vase on the credenza is a beautiful shade adding a hint of the beach.   last but not least, the light in this room just dances off the beams. light is a wonderful asset to any home.


  1. love that huge rope image!! i also think the table is divine. where is this at? seems like a tropical place possibly...

  2. italy darling. have you been? I would love to go! I know i would come back with a tan and a pasta smile on my face!


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