Monday, April 23, 2012

let's talk this room

well peeps after a long weekend of sun, let's see if our design minds still work.  first of all what design style would we call this? modern, eclectic,  flea market or modern french? it's funny when i look at this room it kinda reminds me of a family gathering.  the family comes together but each person is so different and adds something of their own to the group.

what i love about the room ... first off the mantel.  i am obsessed with detailed old mantels.  they add character to the room but can be updated with a coat of color.  i love the free standing modern silver light. might become awkward though with tall people. the white brocade mirror above mantel is maybe not my style but i appreciate the details and the glam it adds to the room. i have always wanted a huge metal letter of the alphabet  preferably one that lights up. one more...the floors.  if you notice they're multi colored boards, dark, medium and light.   what do you love?

image via- house to home

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