Thursday, April 5, 2012

let's talk this room

first let's begin with, everyone has a different vision as a artist and or decorator .  for instance ,  i love   eclectic and my aunt cc prefers modern, but she can appreciate that I have my own style, that fits my personality.   my aunt cc also knows i hate red and she love it,  her style.  so in this room what i love is hmm... the knoll rocker, white walls and the sectional minus the fur! what do you love?

image via- desiretoinspire


  1. i love the black/white painting on the left and the eclectic seating. that hippo bar thing seems more comedic than stylish?...but that is what makes us individuals right? i like this new series idea. keep it up buttercup! :)

  2. and you make me feel like i am not talking to myself...glad you like the new series just trying out new ideas, makes it more fun! thanks for reading!


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