Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Steveo came home with a bike!

Called Steveo today as I knew he had a meeting with his boss!  During our conversation I learned many negative things one being he didn't get his raise.  He later called stating he had a dinner meeting at a local bar and grill. Around 8:00 p.m. he comes home telling me... come outside to see what amazing thing  he won.  I felt like the Mom in Christmas story, thinking great is this the leg lamp.  He whips out a blue mountain bike with Michelob light written in white on the side.  Here is the short version of his story;  the bar was having it's twenty year anniversary celebration. The server spilled his fish chips on his lap, she gave him raffle tickets to compensate, he had the winning ticket and was called on stage. He had his picture with the bike and six Michelob light girls in bikinis. The picture will hang forever in  the bar.  Now we have a bright blue bike in the garage!  Steveo was happy! Just like The Christmas Story dad...just to win anything , makes one happy!

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