Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Oh, lovely Friday!

 My week at a glance...managed to clean my house, moved a few things around in my "New York" loft (a.k.a  it's so small I feel cool by calling it a  loft, even if I don't live in New YorK)
We have no furniture left in the bedroom . I am borrowing furniture for other rooms and Steveo now named Oscar is getting crabby!   I do hate my bedroom and would love to do an overhaul.  Until then ...dream on .... I finished my book one of a three book series. Starting my wine with words book club in a couple of weeks so I'm up on the words just need to start on the wine..bahaa...

This weekend I plan on a little vintage furniture shopping and running a five mile St. Paddy's day race.  Spring forward .... crap that is going to kill me!

1 comment:

  1. this is the link to the light i was talking about at world market, i think it would be a good size over the sink. a bargain at $49.99!! hope your race was fun in the rain today! :)


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